Cleaner than clean

2006 Mew Yard Spring Clean Up was a huge success. I can tell by my aching back. But I'm not the only that's sore today, I'm sure. We had an excellent crew with some great help from some missionaries from the Latter-Day Saints and Lenny the electrician. I believe if those fellows didn't show up we would still be there.

Here's a short list of what got accomplished;
  1. All mews were pressure washed inside and out.
  2. Pea gravel was cleaned and raked and more added where needed.
  3. All exterior outlets repaired and covered.
  4. All trash, weeds, over grown brush, leaves, old equipment, etc. is gone.
  5. Roof and door repairs to the mews.
  6. Relocated the duck & goose mew to where it will be in the sun.
  7. Tore down two old mews that had become hazordous.

And much, much more too numerous to mention. We have more that needs to be done, but because of all the hard work on Saturday, the list is a lot smaller.

Also, thanks to the folks at AIH & Home Depot. Thanks to them, our expenses for the weekend is right at $00.00. Also thanks to Elise Patkotak and Britt Coon. Two great gals that supplied the food and drink along with muscle power. Also, OB McCreary for the use of the dumpster. It kind of got used.

Thanks to all who participated for the hard work. I know One Wing and Ol' Witch already appreciate it.