Have a cup of java with Bird TLC at

Any local Kaladi Brothers Coffee Cafe on May 6th. We will be presenting a Bird TLC Education Bird at each Anchorage location from 9AM until 11AM.

For the month of May at all Kaladi Cafe's, the coffee of the month will be Boreal Brew, a bird friendly blend with proceeds going to Bird TLC. This blend will also be available for purchase online at The Kaladi Brothers web site. They have organic and fair trade coffee also.

Kaladi features 10 vibrant cafes in South Central Alaska, each with its own flair and character. Get a drink on the run, meet your friends, surf the web, see a wild bird presentation or just chill at a Kaladi.

You'll catch me from time to time during the week at the Titlewave, City Market or South Center locations drinking my white chocolate mocha. They have the best coffee in town. They also have free wireless broadband.