Hunters of the Sky

Ruthie had a presentation Wednesday at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. It was part of the "Hunters of the Sky" exhibit. Someone from Bird TLC is doing a presentation every Wednesday at 2PM and yesterday was her turn. I went to help out and got a peek at the exhibit before her presentation. WoW! It is awesome. Worth checking out. We're going back on Sunday just for ourselves.
This exhibit is the main event for the summer. It's all about raptors and was developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota and the Minnesota Raptor Center. There are tons of displays, hands-on activities, and a lot of taxidermy specimens. This exhibit will be showing through September 17th and Bird TLC will be a part of it during this time.

Here's some more pictures of the exhibit. Oh, and by the way, Ruthies presentation was excellent. It's amazing, I've been to most of her presentations for the past 4 years and I always come away with something I didn't already know. She's a natural.

I have a link to the "Hunters of the Sky" page at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art to your right. I'll leave it up until the exhibit ends.