Open wide

I meet with Cindy & Kristen out at the flight center on Friday. They were having fun identifying the eagles who pulled their ID bands off and were putting a newer style ID band back on. They also were doing a good medical going over of the birds. At the flight center right now we have 16 eagles in different stages of rehabilitation. Some are there awaiting placement at a permanent facility and others are awaiting release.

This eagles beak is a little over grown. He wasn't too happy about us holding him down and trimming his beak with a Dremmel tool. Now it's nice and trimmed.

Below are some facts about beaks from Bald Eagle Info.

Beak - The hook at the tip is used for tearing. Behind the hook, the upper mandible, the edge sharp enough to slice tough skin, over laps the lower, creating a scissors effect. A bald eagle's beak is a strong weapon, but is also delicate enough to groom a mate's feathers or feed a small portion of food to a newly hatched chick.

The beak of a female eagle is deeper (distance from top to chin) than the beak of a male.

The beak and talons grow continuously, because they are made of keratin, the same substance as our hair and fingernails. The beak of a captive eagle is not warn down naturally, so must be trimmed annually.