We like fish

We Alaskans like salmon. Red, Coho, King, you name it we like it. And guess what else likes salmon? Bald Eagles do. Right now we've had about 27 bald eagles come through the clinic so far this year. We have about 25 bald eagles of all sex, ages and sizes at the clinic and the flight center right now. That a lot of birds to feed.

We at Bird TLC have been pretty lucky so far this year. We have been getting steady donations of salmon. Fishing season just started and everyone is cleaning out their freezer of last years catch to make room for this years catch. Fortunately they thought of us. The picture at left is my truck loaded with salmon headed to the flight center. It was all donated by people getting ready to go fish for more. We have 8 almost full freezers of salmon and some red meat for the owls and golden eagles that come through.

Yeah, we like fish.