We're back

We went to the Kenai River Festival for the weekend. Our gracious housing host were Ken & Judy Marlow of Marlow's on the Kenai. Wow, what nice people, beautiful & clean cabin with a great view. At the cabin area we saw Bald Eagles, Arctic Tern, Ravens, and American Robins. There were also Violet-green Swallows and Tree Swallows that liked to do fly by's to the Northern Goshawk and Northern Hawk Owl Ruthie was presenting.

Though we didn't see any while we were there, there's also moose, caribou, brown and black bear all around that area. The river was open for fishing but the salmon aren't running that strong yet. I belive I'll be back to visit the Marlow's later this summer.

On Saturday we meet up with the rest of the Bird TLC crew that was there for the weekend. Ellen was presenting a Northern Hawk Owl and a Rough-legged Hawk, Linda was presenting a Snowy Owl and Leslie presented a Bald Eagle.

As the day went by we were having some major issues with the wind. Trying to keep things anchored down and the birds on fist was becoming a full time job. But by days end many, many people

visited our tent. By the time it got to be 5PM, the temperatures were dipping to the low 50°'s and it was time to call it a night.

Sunday we woke up to rain and then sun and then rain for the rest of the day. Even though the rain stayed steady, we had some die hard festival goers. We ended up closing shop early due to wind, rain and cold. All in all though it was a good weekend.