26th National Veterans Wheelchair Games

The 26th National Veterans Wheelchair Games close today here in Anchorage. Bird TLC was a part of it this last Thursday. Anchorage Town Square and 5th Avenue were closed off for an athletes dinner and several presentations and music.

For those of you unfamiliar with the games, it is the largest annual wheelchair sports event in the world. Open to veterans with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities that require use of a wheelchair, the Games promote rehabilitation, wellness and camaraderie through intense athletic competition.

The presentations were a huge hit. Kent was there with a Great Horned Owl, Kerry was with a Bald Eagle (sorry, no pic's) and Ruthie was there with the Northern Goshawk. I can't guess at how many people who we talked to, took pictures with, etc. It was a very moving event.

Thanks to all the people who showed us a great time, who took the time to talk with us and have their picture taken with the birds. We really enjoyed ourselves and we hope you did also. Also, congratulations on a very successful game event.