2nd Blogiversary

We made it through another year. It's the second blogiversary for the Bird TLC blog. Boy did the last year fly by (no pun intended). We've had our ups and downs, but mainly it's been mostly ups.

Last year our total bird intake was down but our eagle intake was up. We took in 52 eagles in 2005 and in 2006 we're up to 36 so far. We've added another bald eagle to our education program. Sparkie will be making the rounds with Kristen Guinn as soon as all the training is complete.

We've had some volunteers leave and some newbies take their place. We have some great volunteers, but you've heard me brag about them before. And guess what, you probably will again. Without them, Bird TLC would be history.

We had our first venue on our property last year. Bye-Bye Birdie was a success even though Mother Nature tried her best. We all got to say goodbye to the migratory birds headed south for the winter and we will again this year on Sept 21st.

Cindy Palmaiter, our Rehab Director, has been a busy lady. I now know how she stays so slim. She's always going full power. Her professionalism really shows at the clinic. We had a successful 2006 Baby Bird Shower for a lot of expecting mom's. We're still getting them in. We had a great Mew Yard Spring Clean Up with the help of a few friends.

We had a Bird TLC store in partnership with the Alaska Zoo in the Dimond Center Mall for the Christmas Holidays. Lot's of fun was had there. We also did a lot of presentations on Saturdays at the Ship Creek Mall this past winter and spring. We're also at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art with Hunters From the Sky.

Alaska lost two of it's greatest citizens during this time. Former Governor Jay Hammond and Col. Norman Vaughn. Two people I was lucky to have meet. They made a difference in our world today.

Mt St Augustine kept us jumping for a while. She would blow her top, but just a little. She's been mostly quiet now.

The world looks to Alaska about H5N1 and it's still looking. No out break in Alaska or North America at this time.

My favorite plane, the C141 retired, my baby girl graduated from high school and like Jack Benny, I turned 49 again.

Here's looking to a great 3rd year. Thanks to all who helped make things happen and thanks to all that come visit us here at the Bird TLC blog.