Heavy clean up day at flight center

Kristen Guinn, Britt Coon, Robert Dowdy, Nick Dorsey and myself spent a rainy Saturday and part of Sunday doing some clean up and repairs at the Bird TLC Flight Center on Camp Carrol. Power washing the walls, indoor mews, recovering perches with astro turf and vacuuming and sweeping. We also placed tarps over the clean walls where the birds perch. The tarps can be easily washed off compared to the wooden walls.

During winter the Army turns off the water in the area to prevent freezing. So there's no major cleaning for 6 months of the year. Come summer there's lots that needs to be done.

At this time there are 20 eagles residing there. The flight center is their last step before either being released or placed in a permanent facility. It's also where we go to when we have to evacuate our primary facility if there's a major oil spill.

The center was built in 1989 with monies from Exxon during the oil spill recovery. The US Army allows us to use their property on Camp Carrol. It's operated by 5 volunteers who travel from Anchorage everyday to feed, water and check on the health and safety of the birds.

So thanks to everyone involved. The place looks great. Also, thanks to CPR Automotive for the loan of their pressure washer and all the crew for their hard work.