There's lots of volunteers at Bird TLC

We have a lot of volunteers at Bird TLC. I wish that I could post pictures of them all here, but I think if your on dial up, you'd never get the page loaded. We have volunteers who work one day a week and some who work several days a week at the clinic. Some who walk, take a bus or ride a bike to get there. We have people who just drop by and help for an hour or so doing whatever their needed for.

We have people who have been with TLC since it started in 1988. There are business owners, veterinarians, nurses, military, USF&W, ADF&G, insurance people, mechanics, house wives, house husbands, salesmen (ahem), you name it. We have them from all walks of life. And it's all for one thing ......

With your support...

... "We will continue to provide primary medical care and rehabilitation for sick, injured, or orphaned wild birds; and to provide environmental education for the public through live wild bird programs."

Why do they do it? That's a good question. Some do it for school. Some do it to get out of the house. But when it comes down to it, they all do it for the birds. 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Sometimes it may sound like I do it all at the clinic. But there are many people behind the scenes. I'm on the website and the blog writing about what I see and or participate in. Then there's the presenters that are seen in public all the time. We're in the spot light so to say. But, we're just a drop in the bucket, and it's a big bucket.

We also have a staff that holds everything together. Rachel Morse is our Executive Director for about 1 1/2 years now. She handles the administration and fundraising end otherwise known as the thankless end. Cindy Palmatier is our Rehabilitation Director for almost 2 years now. She has brought the clinic up to a more professional level.

So, the next time you read a post, it might only have my name in it. But there will be a lot of names behind it. And lots of birds!