We had visitors for the weekend

Bird TLC, the Bird TLC rehabilitation & education birds and some of the Bird TLC volunteers and staff had a visit from another planet. Discovery channels Jeff Corwin of Animal Planet did some filming for an up coming episode that will be shown in spring of 2007. Jeff did some hands on clinic work, rounded up a couple eagles at our flight center, released two eagles at Thompson Lake on Fort Richardson and did a few spots on the birds of Alaska using Bird TLC Education Birds.

Jeff does a fantastic job of getting the point across about our wild birds here in Alaska. He helps to build awareness for the wildlife and the ecology unique to our great state.

All of the Bird TLC volunteers and staff were excited to work with Jeff and his crew. We loved that a celebrity of his caliber was going to put out the word about our wild birds and the work done by the members of Bird TLC.

The weather was not the most cooperative. I haven't seen it rain so hard in the Anchorage area in a few years. Some areas were having flood conditions. Still, everyone stuck it out so the job would get down.

Two rehabilitated eagles were released and are now spending the night on Fort Richardson. This helps to show what Bird TLC does from the beginning when the bird arrives until the time it's rehabilitated and the finally released.

A couple stories were filmed using our education birds, both great gray owls, a snowy owl and a golden eagle. These stories will help educate people on that species living habits.

Thanks Jeff and crew for the experience and the fun. We hope to see you back soon.

A special thanks to Kelly Benedict, Gloria Beckman and Britt Coon for some of the pictures used in this post. More pictures will be added to the album to your right.