Big Boys Toys

Some person (and I use that word loosely) dropped a large truck load of straw on our property about a week ago. Too lazy to take it to the city dump and pay $10 I guess. It doesn't matter where you live, you always have these type of people.

But later on I run into some really nice people. I call the Anchorage Fire Department (AFD) to get a burn permit. (I don't have a truck big enough to take this stuff to the dump). I get help right away. They email me the burn permit application link. When I get home I fill it out and it's approved right away.

There's one draw back. I have to have a source of pressurized water. There's no water source on the property. AFD says they will dispatch a water truck if one is available when I burn. Kewl people, but one wasn't available today.

So I called on a customer / friend at Airport Equipment Rentals. Here's the conversation "Hi guys! How's the wife? How's things? I need a water truck. What for? I need a pressurized water source for a controlled burn at the Bird TLC property. OK! No charge!"

During an extended lunch ( 1 1/2 hours) I burned the hay and then washed down the area to make sure the fire was out. I also got to play with a neat big toy. Thanks go out for the help from AFD and Airport Equipment Rentals. Kewl people!