We made a few eagles mad today

Well, we didn't mean to. We have a couple birds that need to be placed because they are non-releasable. The people inquiring about placement would like to know the sex of the bird. To determine sex when the eagle won't tell you, isn't easy. One way is to remove a few feathers from the chest area and send them off for DNA testing.

That's why these two are a little upset with Cindy and I. We went out to the flight center this afternoon and caught a couple eagles. Besides their permanent injuries, they now have a few less feathers. Good thing it's not winter yet.

The next eagle had limited use of it's left wing. It wouldn't extend all the way and it didn't like it when we tried to extend it. Cindy discovered a swollen elbow joint with some hardened gook (Dave's technical terms) around it. After a few small cuts she removed the gook and flushed out the wounds. Then a shot a baytril to top things off. In a day or so, this guy might still be mad at us but he'll be feeling a lot better.

Last but not least, this is how Cindy looks when you interrupt her doing paperwork to take her picture.

Have a safe but fun Labor Day weekend.