With a lot of help from our new friends

We recruited a few new friends to help out with the Bird TLC property clean up. Next Saturday is our Bye-Bye Birdie event, and it would be nice if all the litter was gone. Four of our new friends from Elmendorf AFB, Chris, Stephanie, Ed, and Brian, helped Britt, Mary Bethe and myself pick up about 2 1/2 truck loads of garbage and take it to the city dump.

We got it all knocked out fast and it looks great. We're not going to list what our findings were, but the list is long and disgusting. We even returned a shopping cart to one of the local grocery stores.

During the same time our Bird TLC Ed Presenters were at all of the Kaladi Brothers Cafe's in Anchorage showing off their Ed Birds and promoting Bird TLC and the Bye-Bye Birdie event for next weekend. Sorry I don't have any pictures from that, but it's hard to be in two places at once. What I've heard though was that it was a big success.

Bye-Bye should be a great event. Lots of work has gone into it by a lot of people. I'm looking forward to it.

Check out our friends from Elemndorfs webpage @ http://oddenonline.com/. Also, thanks to Britt for some of the pictures (that's her pushing the shopping cart).