The mew is done. Totally complete inside and out except for having a resident. That will come in a little while. Here's the spec's

12 foot long and 6 foot wide, 6 foot tall on the low end and 7 foot on the tall. The roof is 1/2 clear PVC and half tinted. All wood is pretreated except for the douglas fur panels. There's 3 inches of pea gravel for the flooring. Inside there's also a 65W halogen light with reflector. On the outside there is a motion light. HD astro turf is used on the perches.

I learned a lot. I have repaired mews but have never built one. I'm not a carpenter. I'm an aircraft mechanic turned salesman. I've changed jet engines in 100° weather and snow storms. I've recovered down aircraft. This past week I built a mew.

I did make a few mistakes. You'll have to find them though, because I'm not telling you what they are. If there's a next one, it will be when there is no rush. But I did beat the first snow.

I now must start my training with the Snowy. I can now do it without the rush a building a mew.