More on DC

Sorry, I'm retired from the USAF, so different veteran memorials always attract me. We were in DC 5 years ago and visited the DC Veterans of WWI Memorial where we found 2 Dorsey's on the wall. So we had to go back again and visit. I also wanted a picture of Cassie (now 19) in the same spot we took a picture of her last time when she was 14.

My Dad (my hero) was a WWII Veteran. The WWII Memorial wasn't built yet when we visited last, but we had to see it this trip. I knew so many of my Dad's friends who had fought in the war. Most of them have passed on now.

The Korean War Memorial is very unique. Those guys on patrol seem like a ghost platoon. The Forgotten War.

Vietnam is one most would like to forget. The folks just a little older than me got to deal with it like my brother in law Mike.

Here's a shot of most of the mall. They are expanding the Vietnam Memorial. They are adding an underground section with pictures of those on the wall and mementoes placed at the wall will be on display also.

I guess the Gulf Wars and Afganistan are next. I hope there will be a last one soon.

Anyhow, we had a great time. Weather was about 75° with a slight breeze. We parked right by the FDR Memorial and walked over. It's a busy place.