A Snowy Day

Today was a pretty good day. The weather man predicted 4 inches of snow. Well, we didn't get it but I did get to spend the afternoon with the snowy.

Cindy (my mentor) had a presentation at Mears Middle School and I went along to observe. This is only the fifth time the snowy had been out and it handled itself very well. Cindy is very good with him also.

After the presentation we went back to the Bird TLC clinic and I got to spend some time with him on fist. Cindy showed me how he likes to come out of the kennel and go back in. We also had plenty of bait recovery practice. I belief he was getting tired from a long day. At one point he was laying down on my fist.

Tomorrow during my lunch I get to go to Cindy's house where the snowy is staying right now. We're going to cover feeding and a few other things. Our plan is for right now to go visit everyday during my lunch. Once he's good and use to me we'll move him to his new mew in my backyard. We think that should be by the end of this month.