Snowy mew day 2

Today started at 10 AM and it was +29°F. We're having Snowy Owl temperatures and it's mew isn't done yet. We did get up to 45°.

It doesn't look like I accomplished much today because most of what I did was tedious. I beefed up the roof rafters. We must be concerned of what amount of a snow load it can withstand. They are predicting a mild snow winter for us this year. If it's like any prediction they have made in the past, I better get the snow shovels ready.

The roof is on the back half of the mew. I used a tinted roof panel to help filter the sun come summer. The front half will be clear for the light when I get it up.

The existing shed wall will help block out the wind. So will the Douglas Fur paneling I put on the back wall and part of the outside wall. The rest of the walls will be done with 2 X 2's. They will be spaced evenly apart all the way around.

It started getting dark on me again as you can tell with the bottom image. I was ready to call it quits for the night. Besides, there was moose pot roast waiting for me inside.

I'm taking tomorrow off from the mew construction. It's back to the paying job. Also, my son Ryan is coming over for dinner. I haven't seen him in a while and it's time for some quality time with him.