Thanks to our Veterans

As the nation observes Veterans Day, Alaska is taking particular pride. The U.S. Census Bureau says Alaska has more veterans per capita of it's civilian adult population than any other state. Veterans make up 17% of Alaska's population over 18 compared to 11% of the nation as a whole

I chose this state after I was stationed on Elmendorf AFB almost 11 years. I retired to stay here and not be reassigned to Washington DC. I also wanted my kids to be raised here. A state that I found with less crime and racism than any state I had ever visited. It's not a perfect state and we don't always agree how the other states do. My favorite bumper sticker is "I don't give a damn how they do it outside".

Politics is never boring, and either is the fishing, hunting or birding. I have made the best friends I ever had the past 22 years I've lived here. What's funny is, most aren't veterans. But the veterans are the ones that provide for what we cherish the most, freedom. Freedom to live, work, worship, disagree and so many others. They protect us when we're awake and asleep. In my career I worked many holidays, birthdays, days and nights. I've been to places that were awesome and places I don't want to even think about. My own safety was in the hands of others, white, black or yellow. Didn't matter. You watched out for them and they did for you, not thinking of your own safety over theirs.

Now the younger ones do their duty. I see them everyday on the news and around town. They are the best of the best. They aren't perfect, but who among us are. I sleep well at night because of our veterans. Veterans of all ages, colors, politics, nationality, etc. But I do wish for a day when we don't need them.