Bald Eagle #43 arrived

BE 06-43 arrived from Cordova the other day. It also was found caught in a snare trap, but its injuries are minor compared to BE 06-42. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not released after the first of the year as long as no surprises jump out at us.

BTW, BE 06-42 is improving. It's still a little depressed, but as soon as it's strong enough we can move it to a larger outdoor mew. That will help the depression. He'll see other eagles in rehab and will have more room to move around more.

This time last year we had 51 eagles come through the Bird TLC clinic. We have had over 650 other types of wild birds so far this year. We have a 55% release rate (releasing them back to the wild) which is above the national average. Our release rate improves every year (knock on wood).