A day with Ghost

As part of my training with the Snowy Owl "Ghost", I'm required to observe two presentations from another presenter on the same type of owl. It makes it easy when Cindy has a presentation. She either has to come over to my place and get Ghost, or I deliver him to her. Today I tagged along to Fire Lake Preschool for my second observation.

I enjoy Cindy's presentations. She's a natural. She's very relaxed with bird on fist to the point you wonder if she remembers he's still there or not. She also has great knowledge and is very easy to talk with.
Even though the target audience was very young, their parents were also there and very interested. The kids were well behaved and asked a lot of questions. It's hard to tell by the pictures, but there were a lot in attendance.

Now, the next part is not for those with weak stomachs. It will show my naked head with a few Ghost implanted marks.

When I arrived at Bird TLC, I wanted to weigh Ghost. I opened the back of my truck and turned his kennel so I can open the door. Ghost was way in the back of the kennel and has his feet tangled in his jesses and leash.

Trying to get him untangled, my arm was stretched all the way out to the back of the kennel. I knew better, but I put my head in the door opening to get more reach, but also blocking his exit. Basically I made him feel trapped. So in a split second he jumped with both feet hitting my head and was back to the back of the kennel. After that he was easy to get out of the kennel. As soon as I did, my vision was becoming blocked by blood. So I put him back in the kennel so I could go get medical attention by the Bird TLC Rehabiltation Director, Cindy.

I could only be mad at myself. Ghost was feeling threatened and was protecting himself. We have developed a trusting relationship, but only to a certain degree. He's still a wild bird and will do whatever it takes to protect himself. I stepped over the line blocking his exit. I was trained not to do that again.

By the way, he weighs 3.17 lbs.