Where have you been?

Dr James Scott founded Bird TLC in 1988 and it was located in his veterinarian clinic, Arctic Animal Hospital for a long time. He has long retired from his practice and semi retired from Bird TLC. As with most of us, he's been having medical issues as he gets older. Some that don't allow him to stand for long periods of time.

We were lucky to have him the other night to operate on our pox eagle. Dr Todd Palmatier who does most of our operations has not had much experience with pox. He got to see first hand from the master of the avian world on how pox is handled.

Pox is an ugly disease and seldom deadly, however the next day we did loose our patient. Hopefully it wasn't in vein and the opportunity for Dr Palmatier to watch Dr Scott in action helps other pox birds in the future.

Photo Credit: Cindy Palmatier / Bird TLC