There is a difference between girls and boys

OK, remember this is a family friendly blog. We're talking about birds here. Specifically the Snowy Owls. Can you tell which bird is female and tell me why?

OK, let me help you out. Cindy Palmatier is holding the female Snowy named Anna and I'm holding Ghost who is male. The adult male has less barring and as he gets older the barring gets lighter and he may even turn all white in time.

The female, as in all birds of prey, is larger. Anna is almost a whole pound heavier than Ghost. Her wing span is a little larger and she's a little taller. She's a little bulkier also. Anna is about 9 years old and Ghost is about 4.

Todays pictures were taken at The Great Alaskan Sportsman Show. I'll have more pictures tomorrow. Click here to see more of today with the Snowy's.