BE 07-15 & 16 have arrived

Ruth and I made a couple trips to the airport this week picking up eagles. Generally we help with that after the clinic is closed to try to help Cindy from putting in way too much time. She seems to want a life after her time at TLC is up.

The first one, BE 07-15 was on Wednesday at midnight. This one came in from Kodiak. He didn't look as well as he does at the right. He received several abrasions to the head. We have no idea how. He was very loopie and dehydrated, but very hungry. He's been eating like a hog ever since and is recovering well so far.

BE 07-16 came to us last night from Adak which is in the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. He had about a 1300 mile airline flight to get to Anchorage. He'll go in for x-rays today. He was dehydrated, had a extremely swollen right leg and right elbow. Chances are that's because of fractures, but without x-rays you can't be sure. He's an older bird also. Cindy did meet up with us at the clinic. We weren't sure what kind of condition this guy was coming in and might need some help. We always learn something when we work with her.

That's #16 eagle of the year so far. We've had a short slow period but now it looks like things are picking up again. Spring must be here.