Trip to McGrath

Ghost and I made our first out of town over nighter this past Friday and Saturday. We went to McGrath, Alaska. It's 418 air miles from Anchorage. I say air miles because there are no roads that connect Anchorage and McGrath. We flew on PenAir. They have fantastic customer service. They treated Ghost and I very well. They also donate cargo space to injured birds being sent to Bird TLC.

We were hosted by Clara Demientieff of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. She took excellent care of us. She took the pictures with my camera for me. USF&W put us up in their bunk house stocked with food and gave us a vehicle to use. She took us on the quick tour because the plane was late arriving and we were a little behind schedule. We did 4 presenations at the school that afternoon and came back at 7 PM and did another.

Both Ghost and I had a great time and I hope the kids, students, teachers and all others enjoyed it also. Ghost even cast a pellet for the middle school group.

Check out the pictures above and also check out the ones in our Photobucket Album.