Alaska Native Heritage Center

On Monday night we went to the Alaska Native Heritage Center for the Welcome Reception for the International Whaling Commission. The main duty of the IWC is to keep under review and revise as necessary the measures laid down in the Schedule to the Convention which govern the conduct of whaling throughout the world

The ANHC is a great supporter of Bird TLC, so they invited us to present our birds for people from 76 different counties. Some of it was a challenge because they didn't speak English and we didn't speak their language. We all had a great time and I feel that our audience did also.

We had DeAnn Sabol with a Raven, Kerry Seifert with a Bald Eagle and myself with the Snowy Owl. For a lot of the people attending, it will be their only trip to Alaska. They got a good view of our Alaskan Native and bird heritages. A lot of them had their pictures taken with the birds, so they had a great souvenir to take back home.