Homer trip day 2

We checked into our room at the Skyline Bed and Breakfast last night after we got back from having dinner at Don Jose'. Karen has a first class operation at Skyline. It has a gorgeous view of the Kachemak Bay and the mountains beyond. The home was large, clean and nicely decorated.

Ruth got up early Saturday and was having fun with feeding the Stellar Jay's peanuts. She called this one Peek-a-boo. I actually slept in for once. I got up at 7:30. The breakfast Karen prepared was well worth the trip to Homer. After eating I felt more like going back to bed. I had eaten my fair share and plus some.

I got Ghost out of his kennel to stretch his wings and practice my presentation on a few friends Karen had over for breakfast. It's a rare sight to see a Snowy in Homer. We had a good time and Ghost got his fill of being OOO'd and Ahhhed at. Then it was time to put him up until the presentation .

When we arrived at Homer High School, we were greeted by Alex. He's been helping Bird TLC presenters for at least the last 4 festivals. He was wearing a Rough Legged Hawk pin that Ruth had given him on our first trip down there.

We were doing two one hour presentations with three birds. We had Gloria and a Bald Eagle, Kristen and a Great Gray Owl and myself with Ghost, the Snowy Owl. We had a three birds out at the same time and we took turns about every 15 minutes telling about our birds species. It went very well. There were over 50 people in the audience for each presentation.

Afterwards we put Ghost up and we went and enjoyed the festival. There were exhibits from the Alaska Bird Observatory in Fairbanks, the Pratt Museum in Homer, the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward and many others.

That night we enjoyed a good seafood dinner at a new restaurant called Crabbie's. The place was very small, but the food was good, the place was clean, service was good and the waitress was pretty nice. Then it was time to go back to the B&B and settle down for the night.

Karen had coffee, tea. cookies and cake waiting on us. She had two more of her friends visiting. They were collage room mates long ago and now they are retired school teachers. One more time we'll show Ghost. He likes it and guess what. So do I.

To be continued .....

Photo's by Ruth Dorsey / Bird TLC