Homer trip, day 3

Sunday was the easy day for us, not that any of the other days were hard. We weren't presenting until 9 AM at Islands and Ocean Visitor Center. So we had plenty of time for a nice breakfast prepared for us by Karen. She had a couple friends staying over and we discussed everything over coffee. Ruth got up a little later than usual and missed out on the Stellar Jays but got to see a moose trotting threw the backyard. She also was hearing a couple Northern Hawk Owls doing their mating calls. She can point those out because she caretakes one.

We got to Islands and Oceans a few minutes early and was met by Alex who was giving us a hand again. We weren't the only ones that were early. The place was already hopping and the Birders Breakfast was starting at 9.

I got set up and got Ghost out. We attracted people right off the bat and we stayed busy until about 11:10 before I put Ghost away. We saw lots of people who took lots of pictures and a few doing drawings. Ghost had a long morning and was ready for a break, but it was fun.

Gloria and the Eagle and Kristen with the Great Gray Owl were there also. We were so busy that I didn't even get a chance to talk to them. No pictures of them either. We found out the battery limitations of the new camera.

A 3 hour drive later we were home again. Thanks Homer, we had a blast!

Photo's by Ruth Dorsey / Bird TLC