MYSCU 2007

Saturday was Bird TLC's 2nd annual Mew Yard Spring Clean Up and it was a success. We completed about 90% of our task list which included replacing the complete roof on a mew.

All mews were pressure washed inside and out, the gravel was cleaned and so were all perches. Mother nature is tough on our mew yard during the winter. We can't wash or hose anything down due to the extreme temperatures. What can't be brought inside has to wait until spring to be cleaned.

We had lots of help. We had volunteers from Alaska Military Youth Academy, McLaughlin Youth Center and of course Bird TLC. A lot of work was accomplished and the birds appreciate it.

I also would like to say thanks to our corporate sponsors. Alaska Industrial Hardware (AIH), they support us every year. Airport Equipment Rentals loaned us a skid steer and John Gomes, AER employee, volunteered to operate it for us. CPR Automotive loaned us their pressure washer again this year also.

Also, thanks to all of the Bird TLC Volunteers that donated their time and in some cases food or materials on a fairly nice weather Saturday. There are too many to name here, but they are sure appreciated.

Top 3 photo's by Britt Coon / Anchorage, AK and more here
Last one by me and more here.