The bald Bald Eagle got me

Yesterday Cindy and I went out to the flight center to pick up an eagle we were shipping back to King Salmon for release. BTW, thanks Ace Cargo and Small Package Service for donating the flight. While we were at the flight center we noticed a bald eagle there that was moulting more than what we thought was normal. Cindy said that we needed to come back tomorrow and bring that bird to the clinic and run some test.

So after much running around today, we did just that. Boy was this bird ticked off. He had a little extra energy. He didn't want to go with us to the clinic for test. We caught him once but weren't comfortable with the way we had him so we let him go to have another go at it.

On the next try Cindy got him. She had the blanket over him and one foot was secure. While we felt through the blanket for the other foot, he bite me twice and then the foot came out of the blanket. I took a look and Dave has 2 talons in his left hand. One is barely below the skin and the other is buried in my hand. Dave got taloned and the adrenaline is now flowing. Resisting the urge to pull my hand away, I was able to grab the foot to keep the bird from getting a better grip. While Cindy restrained the bird, I was able to pry the talons out.

After that, Cindy was able to take the bird and put it in a kennel for transport to the clinic. We then went into the flight center kitchen where Cindy cleaned my wounds with baytrile and put antibiotics on it. Then she wrapped it.

I tell you, I never want anyone in that situation, but I can also tell you I was glad that Cindy was there. She was awesome. She didn't panic. She was concerned for both mine and the birds safety, and handled the whole situation like the professional she is. She kept her cool and was looking for another way out while we were trying one. It's not the first time she patched me up if you remember.

We took the bird (Cindy calls it Fluffy) to the clinic. My wife Ruth escorted me to the hospital where I got the wound flushed and I was put on antibiotics. I was very lucky. The birds aim was off today. It missed all bones and tendons. But we had a good time trying to explain to the hospital folks exactly what happened.