A look from above

Dave ~
A couple weeks ago I went out to Nelson Lagoon south of Port Heiden, north
of Cold Bay to photograph Walrus. It's the only place that's unregulated
that you can go be on the beach with them. We got some incredible
photographs of the Walrus, did some great hikes along the cliff above them
and along the beaches. Anyway, I came upon this eagle's nest on the cliff
BELOW me. I'd never been above one before. In the first photo you will see
her kittiwake snack to the left, 3 eggs in the rear, and a landing spot to
the right. Next you see her fly in, land and sit on the eggs. Mr. Eagle was
sitting on the ledge directly below me and then he did a fly by to see if
she needed anything. It was awesome!! I'm not sending the photos to you to
say put them on the blog. I don't care if you do, but that's not my reason
for sharing. I just thought it was really groovy!

Gina, They are groovy! I had to post them for all to see.