Mew Renew for #3

Which mew looks a little more cheerful and brighter? Well they both are the same mew. In February, Dr Michael Riddle, DVM, paid $350 to have his own mew. Well for $350 we can't build a new mew, but we can rebuild an old mew. So that's what we did.

We started at the Mew Yard Spring Clean Up. With all of that help we were able to tear off all of the dungeon looking old material, remove and replace the old rotted roof and add a slant for snow run off, replace the door with a more friendly looking one and do a little painting.

However, the mew wasn't done. It still had places a talented bird could escape through. It had to wait a couple weeks. The weather wouldn't cooperate. Rain, what else. Then the other stuff, presentations, the paying job, etc. Finally I got off my duff and went in on Wednesdays to finish it off.

So, you tell me which one looks better. The old one or the new one? For $350 we got a nice clean updated mew that will last quite a few years longer. Thanks Dr Riddle.

Also, thanks to all of the talented volunteers who helped out during MYSCU.

Turn on the vacancy sign.

Photo's by Dave & Ruth Dorsey / Bird TLC