In a writting funk

I didn't miss the 4th of July. I just didn't have my head together to write an appropriate post. I did have a good time though. We had a neighborhood bbq. We haven't had one since the summer before last. It was way overdue. We also had some new neighbors joining us. Nice couple, but I'm not sure what he thinks of me. I keep screwing his name up.

After the bbq I fell asleep on the couch for a while. I woke up at the time I usually go to bed, so needless to say I'm wide awake. I'm also hungry but still stuffed from the bbq. I answered a few emails and then I started reading post I did on the blog from this time last year. Man, what a difference. I got into reading them. I can't say I can with what I've been writing lately. The information is good, just not the writing.

So what to do? Maybe a brain enema. There's a bunch of stuff up there that needs to be cleaned out for sure. My heads innards have been through a lot in the past year. I won't get into telling everything, but it needs a overhaul.

I've been putting in extra time at TLC. When I'm there, any and all other issues take a back seat. Actually I forget about them all for the time I'm there. A good bird rescue or exam or even a good paint job or mew repair makes the brain cramps go away. I enjoy the work and the people at TLC, so it's a good trade off.

The blog is also a part of my work for Bird TLC. I put out what I consider valuable information. The more people that know what we do at TLC the better the support we get. Also, hopefully the information I put out helps educate people. Maybe it will help them change things that cause birds to get hurt. Maybe they'll also learn about different species of birds. So, I need to make that information more interesting to our readers. I'm not meant to be an answer for sleep deprivation.

So look out and be prepared. Also, let me know if you see a difference or I've slide back into my funk.