Leg Bird

Last week we received an eagle in from Valdez with a leg injury we think might have been caused by a trap. The skin is gone from the right leg and it's unable to support itself with it. There is no bone breakage.

Everyday Cindy changes the bandages and applies nitrofurazone ointment. There's still blood circulation in its foot and there is no color change on any digits, so maybe......

Since it can't support itself, it lays down a lot. We have to be careful that all of its weight on its keel doesn't cause sores. So what is usually used as a neck brace on humans is used as a donut on this guy. The donut is placed on its underside and held in place with a body wrap. It's also placed in what was a baby carrier that's been specially modified. While in the carrier it can sort of stand with a little weight on the leg. I'll get some pictures of it the next time it's in it while I'm at the clinic.