another Merlin update

An email from Ellen on 8/4 ......

I picked her up from Becky's on Wednesday and noticed she was quite conditioned to humans; when I attempted to take her photo, she walked right up to the lens, gaped, and attempted to eat it! Also, she was so fat, she had a hard time getting airborne enough to get up on her perches! Becky Wetherell had done a wonderful job of caring for her and she is very healthy and beautiful. Aside from a little baby "fluff" left on the top of her head, she is looking like a full-fledged (pun intended!) merlin. Now, I need to get her flying as much as possible so that she gets into shape for release. She is already flying a great deal better than two days ago. I picked up some Bobwhite Quail chicks and was delighted to see that she was able to attack and kill one on the first try on Thursday. This is good news for release, I think. She has pretty well picked it clean, so today I'll give her another. I really think she is starting to get the hang of what it is to be a merlin.... Cindy suggested that I might try putting the adult merlin in with the juvenile. It is an adult that Mia has been caretaking that is blind in one eye, but seems to be another great candidate for release soon. So, I may be bringing it home later this week, so that the juvenile may get reaquainted with its kin.


Photo Credit: Ellen Murphy-Welk / Bird TLC