Say Goodbye to #1

Mew #1 that is. Wednesday I go into the clinic to tear down # 1 to make room for a new mew. Most of our mews are built by Boy Scouts working on their Eagle Rank. That's what is going to happen here and we'll have more on that story in the near future.

Mew # 1 was old when I came to Bird TLC about 5 years ago. It has received the needed repairs over the past few years but it is just plain old and out dated. The roof has weakened and last winter we wouldn't keep an eagle in it because of the snow load weight. So we used it to keep our over stock of salmon. During the winter you can keep your frozen food outside. It just needs to be protected from Ravens, dogs, bears, etc.

Over the years it has held a lot of large birds from hawks to mainly eagles. Some of the more famous ones (Bird TLC famous that is) like Beauty and most recently Petra while her mew got repaired.

# 1 has served us well but it's time to update with a more less dungeon looking mew. One with a strong roof and no rotted wood. We'll keep you updated on the new mew as it gets built.