Bye-Bye Birdie, almost

Bye-Bye Birdie kicked off with 50 mph wind gust and then a steady rain all day long. Even with those inconveniences we had a fair turn out and fun was had by all.

Birds presented were Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, Great Horned Owl, Boreal Owl, Bared Owl, Snowy Owl, Magpie, Northwest Crow, American Robins and a Raven.

Venues were by U.S. Fish & Wildlife, Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game, The Alaska Zoo, Friends of Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, Alaska Sealife Center and the Anchorage Audibon.

Excellent food was provided by Rick of Salmon Express.

B.S.A. Troop 290 helped with parking and the Bonfire with smores. Oh, also with tear down after the event.

At the end of BBB there was a skit put on about what happens when a bird comes into Bird TLC. There were 3 of the cuitest bald eagles that ever came into the clinic there.

The eagle release was canceled due to the foul weather. It's best that the conditions are right for the eagles first day and night out after being kept at TLC for an extended period of time.

Like I said, fun was had by all and were looking forward to next year.

Enjoy the slideshow on the side bar of the set up and the event. -------->