Goodbye Ol' Witch

Ol' Witch, long time Bird TLC Education Bald Eagle and companion to One Wing, passed away tonight around 5:30 PM due to old age and a failing heart. She was believed to be around 35.

She originally came to Bird TLC in 1989 from Kodiak NWR, a victim of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Disaster. It was believed that she was eating prey that had been oil contaminated and had toxic poisoning. She had a injured wing, a cracked beak and was very dehydrated. Dr. James Scott, DVM, Bird TLC founder and many volunteers working out of the Arctic Pet Stop cared for her, but she was never able to be released because of her injuries.

During that same time, One Wing came to Bird TLC with his injuries from the same disaster. Little did they know that they would spend the next 18 years together, never able to fly again.
One Wing protected Ol' Witch from all harm. I would spend some quality time cleaning their mew when I first came to TLC. He watched me the whole time I was in their mew, their home, their domain. Anyone who ever visited Bird TLC would later on ask "How's One Wing and Ol' Witch"? I personally believe that they were the most popular eagles in Alaska. These are 2 eagles that I've written about many times and I've said that I liked them better than most people.

There were no dry eye's at TLC tonight. There probably won't be for a little while now. Even now my monitor is a little blurry as I write this. Ol' Witch won't be soon forgotten. I think right now she's soaring high in the heavens.
Goodbye Ol' Witch.