Rough-Legged Hawk released in Girdwood

A gathering of Bird TLC friends accumulated outside The Bakery Shop in Girdwood this past weekend. First, Ellen Murphy-Welk did a presentation with Jasper, a Rough-Legged Hawk who's a Bird TLC Education Bird. Ellen is very knowledgeable of RLH's and has done presentations all over the state.

From there they moved up the road a bit to a nice clearing surrounded by trees at the base of Mt. Alyeska. The Rough-Legged Hawk that came to us with a head injury was released back to the wild by Jim Kaiser, a Bird TLC Supporter.

All flight testing and hunt testing has seemed to work. The RLH took off out of Jim's hands and flew towards the trees and then made a turn right in front of the crowd that had formed like it was showing off. Now it's all up to it to survive.

Thanks to Chris Maack / Bird TLC for sending the pictures.