Eagle update

BE 07-36 is now named Cessna (it was prop hit). X-rays do show a broken pelvis. Not much we can do with that except make it as comfortable as possible while it heals on its own. It must be because it's standing and walking, slow but it has a lot of will power.

BE 07-37 came from Tok. It had got caught in a trap but was able to take off with the trap. Eventually the trap was too much weight
and it crash landed in a river where a couple folks saw it. They were able to lasso it and bring it into their boat. They were able to get the trap off but the bird being so aggressive wouldn't let them get the lasso off. So it came to TLC with the lasso attached. No breaks but the trap did cut to the bone. Cindy said we'll have to watch and see if it was bone bruised and any complications it might bring. It's a good eater though.