Update please

Between Blogger being a pain, my business going wild and doing some serious animal sitting, I haven't had a lot of time to post. Let's see if I can bring everyone up to date. Winter is on its way and it's time for the migrators to leave and the winter dwellers to get climatized.

Our birds from Barrow are gone. The Snowy was flown to Cold Bay and is being released this weekend. The Swans were taken down along Turnagain Arm and released with other Swans by Cindy and Todd Palmatier on their wedding anniversary along with a duck who recovered from a broken leg.

Cindy's evaluating a Short Eared Owl to see if it can make it in our Education Program. If not, it will get placed elsewhere.

For those who have asked, One Wing is doing fine without Ol' Witch. His mew is pretty big now.

More to come.