Shipping a Great Gray Owl

On Wednesday I assisted Cindy in shuffling around a few birds at the flight center. We also needed to pick up a Great Gray Owl that was being shipped to the Alaska Raptor Center in Sitka. We were assisted by Megan Pool, our new Executive Assistant and Events Director. Actually I should say Megan assisted Cindy, I took pictures.

Megan has been with TLC as a volunteer for a little while now and knows her way around a bird. We are a little low on the amount of birds we have in rehab right now, so we moved a few to make space. In one cell we have 4 Bald Eagles, in another 2 Great Horned Owls and in the last one a Great Horned Owl. This is of course besides the birds at the main clinic.

The Great Gray Owl going to Sitka is non-releasable. Their plans are to use it in their education program. Bird TLC presently has 2 GGO's in it's education program. That's the maximum allowed by our permits with U.S.Fish and Wildlife right now.

The pix's at left show Cindy and Megan allowing the owl to tire itself out and then they pick it up with a blanket. After that they place it in a kennel for transportation.