Volunteer Orientation

Volunteer Orientation was on Oct 23rd at the BP Energy Center. (I know, I'm behind in posting). If you wanted to find out if Bird TLC is the place you wanted to volunteer at, this was where you could find out what all the different opportunities offered are.

The Bird TLC Education Committee put this program together to brief potential volunteers on administration, rehabilitation and educational positions as to what they could expect as a Bird TLC Volunteer.

Some people, like me when I first started, don't want to handle the birds. For them there are plenty of opportunities in fund raising, clinic maintenance, and things like that. Maintenance and operating cost is always job security for those people.

Or if you want to have hands on in the clinic with the rehabilitation side, there's always room for more help. That side of the house is open 365 days a year. You may end up help a sick, orphaned or injured bird as small as a chick-a-dee or as large as an eagle.

If you like public presentations, we have an excellent education program where we take our non-releasable birds out to the public to educate them about the birds and our organization. If you wanted to, you could handle the birds to see what you thought about yourself handling a crow or an owl or even bigger.

All we really require is a 4 hour a week commitment. Training is provided on an on going basis. If you missed the orientation, call the office at 907-562-4850. There's always openings and we would love to have you!