The last day of the year didn't go quietly

BE 7-40 came to TLC about a month and a half ago with injuries from being caught in a leg trap. Little did he know that he would be participating in a blood transfusion on the last day of the year. BE 07-44 came to us from Kenai over the weekend where we believe she lost out in a eagle fight. She has contusions on her left wing and a broken left femur.

While BE 07-44's leg was being operated on by Dr. Todd Palmatier and Cindy at Pet Stop, we got a Red Tailed Hawk in from Homer. "It's not flying and looks thin" they said. Well they always look thin to me. By the time we got back from the airport, Todd and Cindy was back from Pet Stop.

Todd did a thorough exam and didn't find anything out of the ordinary. It did have a very full crop. My question is why is it still in Alaska? Why hadn't it already migrated to the warm country? The answers to that we may never know. For now it has a warm mew at TLC.

The Red Tailed Hawk was the 502 wild bird (not an eagle) admitted to Bird TLC this year. BE 07-44 was the 44th. eagle. That's the official count as of 3:00 PM AST for 2007

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Happy New Years everyone!