BBbbuuurrrrrrr BABY!

It got down to -2°f last night and it's supposed to get down to -10°f tonight. If you don't think it's cold, I double dog dare you to put your tongue on that gate.

We need more room. We need to get the birds more climatized but we also need easy access to them for exams, feeding, observation, etc. So, One Wing decided to let the young visitors use his mew. There was just one small problem. The roof blew off of his mew a few years ago in a wind storm and it hadn't been replaced yet. He and Ol' Witch weren't flighted, so why the hurry.

Greg put together a crew and got the materials at cost from Spenard Builders Supply. With a high temperature of +18°f, Greg, Fred and Matt replaced the roof panels in 4 hours. I figured it would take more time. I lost a beer to Greg on that bet.

As soon as they were done, 7 eagles were placed in there to check things out.Greg added a support to the perch for the added weight and everything else checked out GREAT! All of the adults were put in this mew. In the smaller mews, only two birds were placed in each. That's where the immatures were put. There was minor squawking over who got what perch, but nothing to loose any feathers over.

Our equipment is taking a beating though. Visqueen is placed over the lower half of the walls to help protect them from the mewts. With the temperature being so low, the Visqueen isn't as flexable as when it is warmer. These birds being flighted are being very rough on them as you can see.

The inside mews are taking a beating also. We have said we were full before, but until recently we didn't realized what full really was. With the everyday cleaning and scubbing, it's taking it's toll. This is usually the time of year we get to do repairs, but I'm not sure when we'll get that chance now.

Anyhow, my hat is off to the roofing crew. Great job guys!!!!

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