Day 4, a long day but a good day.

All of the initial washing is now complete. Half of the birds were reinspected and noted if they needed any spot washing. We also started misting the birds to see if they will start to preen. A lot was acomplished today, but there is still more to be done. We estimate the minimum the birds will be at Bird TLC is 3 weeks.

But it's obvious that they like the food. The eagle in picture #2 scarfed his down and would not let go of the plate. He's a talker also. Everytime I would go by his kennel he would talk to you. We'll increase the amount they are fed tomorrow.

We had volunteers working hard today. Voliunteers from USF&W, Alaska Zoo and of course TLC.

The days have been long and hard but daylight is just over the horizon.