Day 6 and things are going well

The surviving eagles continue to draw national attention to Kodiak and the Bird Treatment and Learning Center in Anchorage. Megan Pool, BTLC’s events coordinator, said donations of food are so great that officials are storing some of it at the Anchorage Zoo.

“Our freezers are full,” Megan said. “Everybody in Anchorage is really emptying out their freezers, with good salmon, too. Public support has been awesome. It renews my faith in humankind.”

That was taken from the Kodiak Daily Mirror. Megan's doing an excellent job and TLC is lucky to have her. We're lucky to have all of our volunteers also. They have really been stepping up to the plate. They amaze me everyday.

"One Wing" , our sole survivor from the Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster is keeping an eye on everything. I was putting some fish away in storage and was walking back threw the mew yard and looked over at him in his mew. We have a heat light on him because of his age and only having one wing he needs the help staying warm. The light glows red and he's just perched there watching everything.

Do you think he approves?

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