Day 7 and the everyone presses on

We're seeing a lot of improvement in the condition of the birds everyday. Some are lagging behind a little, but they will turn around here shortly.

There's a lot of behind the scenes work that needs to get done everyday. Perches and mew mats need to be scrubbed, mews need to be scrubbed down, kennels need to be taken apart, cleaned and put back together, food (salmon) needs to be prepared and weighed, water dishes need to be cleaned and put back and I can go on and on. And what's nice about it is that everyone does it without a complaint. They aren't the chores you'll see in the brochures, but they are the ones that have to be done.

And the smorgasbord of people that we have doing the work. We have military guys and gals, hair stylist, retired people, housewives, artist, furniture mover, you name it and we probably have one.

The birds are being misted with water now for about 5 minutes at a time. The idea is to get them to preen and get their waterproofing up to par. The bird in the last pix was just misted. He's hanging his wings away from his body so he can dry.