Day 8, 1 Week has gone by

Today started week 2 and we have come a long way. The birds are really showing improvement. What really amazes me is the volunteers. You might be tired of me saying this but they have been awesome. Look through the pix's from the last week and see how many different faces you see. We even had a mom, dad and daughter team today.

But back to the birds. This group is a little more feisty than our normal rehab birds. Ones that have been hit by a car or caught in a trap aren't as aggressive as these guys. That's good though. Maybe it will speed up their time of release. As it looks right now, these guys will be shipped back to Kodiak for release.

I've been doing the misting of the birds the last couple of days. We're misting for 5 minutes to try to encourage preening. Preening will help get their water proofing back to normal. They'll need that in Kodiak. If you look at the bird in the last pix' water has beaded up and is running down his back. That's good. A soaked bird is not.