Day 9 & 10

Sorry there was no update yesterday. I was brain fried and worn out, so I went to bed. All was going well yesterday. We continued with our misting and all of the other fun chores like laundry. We also tried a few different things on trying to get the birds that aren't eating to eat. We found out that a few of them would eat if the food was not in a dish. I guess they don't use dishes in the wild.

Today we started moving some of the kennel birds outside to acclimate to the weather. Only one got a chill and had to come back inside. We'll evaluate him further.

We did have an issue with one bird, or should I say he had an issue with us. They were feeding them in their kennels while outside. The last one to be fed was an immature male who had gained back his weight and was looking good and strong. He caught the volunteer off guard and got out of his kennel. The other volunteer ran inside for help. When everyone responded with blankets in hand, the eagle was on top of his kennel with his piece of salmon. He ignored everyone until they moved closer. He looked at his salmon, looked at Greg, reached back and grabbed his salmon with his talons and took off beautifully.

Greg said it climbed, dived and climbed beautifully until out of sight. I guess it was his time to go.